Firm stomach and defined abs are the dream of each of us. Abdominal exercises are among the most difficult exercises that you have to do for a long period of time in order to see results. However, we have decided to present you with more exercises that will help you get carved and firm abs. When you do not have time to go to the gym, or do not practice it at all, and it is more convenient for you to do training at home, then these exercises are very convenient, because you do not need any additional props to perform them. You can also combine them with exercises that engage other muscle groups, or with cardio training. Basically, if you want to have taut and nicely shaped abdominal muscles, these are the exercises that should definitely be included in your training:


1. Crunch

Lie on your back on a set surface.

With your legs bent at the knees on the floor and your arms slightly placed behind your head, lift your chin towards your chest.

Exhale as your chest reaches your pelvis.

Inhale and return to the supine position.

Perform 3 sets of 10 – 20 reps to begin with, increasing the reps as you progress.

2. Butterfly sit ups

Sit on the ground and put together the bottom of your feet, while letting your legs bend at the knees to open into a butterfly pose. 

Keeping your feet open and the bottom of your feet together, lie on the ground. 

You can stretch your arms up or place them on your chest. 

Rolling so that your lower back stays connected to the ground until the end, you perform the movement by grabbing the swing with your hands and lifting it up to your feet. 

The more you swing your arms, the easier your move will be. 

Then lie down in the starting position. 

Do 15 reps. 

As you progress you can increase the number.

3. Plank

Take a push-up position, but instead of leaning on your hands, lean on your elbows.

The elbows are exactly in line with the shoulders. Lift your hips off the floor and form a straight line.

It is very important that the hips do not sag in order to avoid pain in the lower back.

For those of you who can’t do this, try to lean on your knees, not your feet.

Hold 3 sets of 30 seconds to start, increase the time as you progress.

4. Mountain climbers

Stand in a push-up position.

Keep your body in a straight line and tighten your stomach.

Raise your right knee toward your chest.

Quickly switch and pull the left knee inward.

At the same time, push your right leg back, pull your left knee towards your chest.

Perform the movement alternately.

By changing the rhythm, you come to a running movement.

Do 20 reps or 20 seconds in 3 sets.

5. Leg Raises

Lie flat on your back, legs outstretched. You can put your hands under your gluteus for extra support.

Slowly lift your legs off the ground and slowly lower them back.

Do not touch your feet to the ground again until you have finished the exercise.

Do 8 to 10 reps in 3 sets.

6. Bicycle crunch

Lie flat on the floor with your lower back pressed to the ground.

Put your hands behind your head, then pull your knees towards your chest and lift your shoulder blades off the ground.

Bend your right leg at a 45-degree angle to the ground while turning your upper body to the left, with your right elbow approaching your left knee.

Now do the same movement to the other side, to complete one repetition.

20 reps for each side – 3 sets.

7. Cross body crunch

Lie flat on your back and bend your legs at the knees by about 60 degrees.

Transfer the foot of one leg to the thigh of the other and place your hands lightly behind your head. 

This will be the starting position.

Now bend and stretch your right elbow and shoulder over your body towards your left knee.

Exhale as you perform this movement. 

Do 10 repetitions per page in 3 sets.

Tip: Try to raise your shoulder towards your knee, not just your elbow, and remember that the key is to tighten your abs while performing the movement, not just move your elbow.

8. Hollow Rock Hold

Lie on your back, keep your legs straight and on the floor, and stretch your arms above your head.

Tighten your abs and raise your shoulders and arms a few inches off the floor.

Keeping your knees together, lift your legs a few inches off the floor. You control this position with your stomach. 

Do 20 seconds in 3 sets.

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